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Monthly Archives: February 2017

‘I have a bunch of parents who are pissed at me because you guys are telling them about things that are happening inside the dressing room’

  It’s really time to do away with volunteer based Hockey Canada cash grabbing organization.

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TSN Shows The Canadian Hockey League Is Lying All The Way To The Bank

  TSN shows that the Canadian Hockey League is lying all the way to the bank.

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Hockey Canada Respect In Sport Cash Grab Continues To Work Wonders.

  Hockey Canada Respect in Sport Cash Grab Continues to Work Wonders

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@CHLHockey developed fighters are now using their skills and fists on 14 year old kids

    When your drafted by a Canadian Hockey League team you just never know what their intentions are going to be and what their plans are going to be for you. They might see you as a scorer or they might see you as a fighter. They might develop you as a scorer or […]

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Another Hockey Canada coach charged with child porn.

  Another Hockey Canada coach charged with child porn

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