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For more information on the Canadian Hockey League Players' Association please use the links to your left to navigate the site and view our latest news stories below.

WHL busy making changes to their rule book but insist on avoiding major issues regarding players’ rights.

      TED CLARKE PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN SEPTEMBER 19TH 2014   When the Prince George Cougars step out onto the ice to play the Winterhawks tonight at 7 in Portland, they'll have a few new rules to get used to. Following the NHL's lead, the WHL has tweaked its …

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OHL following Terry Trafford tragedy, starting a mental health program. Inadequate insurance coverage still a big problem.

  OHL, following Terry Trafford tragedy, starting a mental health program — report   By Neate SagerSeptember 19, 2014 4:52 PMBuzzing The Net . Trafford, 20, died in March 2014 (Terry Wilson, OHL Images) A few seasons back, the OHL went on a P.R. offensive to make the point to players …

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Teemu Selanne: ‘If we had any other coach, I’d still play’

NHL Teemu Selanne: 'If we had any other coach, I'd still play' Justin Cuthbert @jccuthbert 10:00 AM Teemu Selanne's decision to walk away after 23 NHL seasons wasn't made strictly of his own volition. It was also made out of distaste for Bruce Boudreau. “If we had any other coach, I’d still …

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The Dark Side Of Hockey: What People Never Think Of.

Click Here >>> To See The Original Article Written By: Ashley March The dark side of Hockey: what people never think of   I don’t know why I decided to take on this topic. I’ve spent the better part of a couple weeks thinking about it. Maybe it’s because …

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Human Rights Complaint Filed Against Hockey Canada Gets Settled In Ontario. What About The Rest Of Canada?

  Transgender rights activists celebrate Hockey Canada settlement Under settlement, Ontario minor hockey players can choose dressing room based on whether they see themselves as male or female The Canadian Press September 15, 2014 TORONTO – Minor hockey players in Ontario are now able to choose a dressing room based …

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WHL Commissioner Ron Robison issued a statement defending the league structure although he could still face civil and criminal penalties.

  State probing WHL for possible child labor violations See King 5 News Seattle video KENT - State regulators acknowledged Thursday that they are investigating four Western Hockey League franchises for possible violations of child labor laws. Matt Erlich, a spokesman for the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, …

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State of Washington confirms WHL labour investigation, Oregon “monitoring” the situation

State of Washington confirms WHL labour investigation, Oregon "monitoring" the situation By Scott Sepich | Buzzing The Net – 2 hours 56 minutes ago State of Washington confirms WHL labour investigation, Oregon "monitoring" the situation A TSN story published on Wednesday revealed that the labour department in U.S. state of Washington is currently investigating the state’s four …

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The CHL Needs To Open Up And Talk About Mental Health And Revisit The Trafford Case.

Trafford case remains a cloud over OHL Guelph Mercury By Editorial As the Ontario Hockey League approaches the start of another season, there are no shortages of compelling storylines to consider. The league was extremely well-represented among the picks in the opening round of the NHL entry draft and many of …

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QMJHL Gets Busy Banning Spin-O-Rama From Shootouts But Still Too Busy To Look At Education Restrictions

QMJHL bans spin-o-rama from shootouts, ending debate of the legality of the move in latest rule changes By Mike Sanderson | Buzzing The Net – 5 hours ago The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League has said no to spin-o-ramas, putting the halt to the controversial move in a penalty shot or shootout situation. Now, during a ‘Penalty …

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The Time Is Right For A Major Junior Hockey Players Union

BY JAMIE McKinven - When in Doubt Glass and Out  - The Time is Right for a Major Junior Hockey Players Union Two years ago when the notion of unionizing major junior hockey in North America was introduced, the majority of the public shook their heads and laughed. Public …

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