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Open Request To Interview Globe And Mail Hockey Writer David Shoalts


  "Somehow I am having a lot of trouble mustering a drop of sympathy for this guy." -David Shoalts Those are the words of Globe and Mail hockey writer, David Shoalts posted onto his Twitter account. Shoalts felt obligated to give his influential opinion about the amount of money that …

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With the return of the Quebec Nordiques in 2018 will Patrick Roy & PKP become co-owners?


With no official mention of the Quebec Nordiques returning to the NHL except for a single article in a Quebec City website, Canal News, which was immediately deleted after the CHLPA reported on it. The CHLPA has every reason to believe that the NHL will have the Quebec Nordiques returning …

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CHL could face class action lawsuit for flooding market with fake sports memorabilia


  The Canadian Hockey League has once again found themselves in unchartered territories after yet another one of their corrupt business practices came to the surface, landing front page on the Toronto Star. The Canadian Hockey League and their member teams have been selling fraudulent merchandise to hockey enthusiasts and …

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Bauer PSG still trying to stall filing annual report -Bob Nicholson under investigation


  Read New York Post article. Bauer PSG continues to stall filing annual report. Bob Nicholson under investigation by Securities and Exchange.

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Legal Experts-“What CHL clubs are doing isn’t employee misclassification -it’s “straight-up wage theft.”


  Legal experts question whether OHL clubs are misclassifying employees as volunteers

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Linda Hunter. Mark Hunters wife. What’s her role in fraudulent CHL merchandise?


  Now that we are aware that the CHL and their member teams are selling fraudulent merchandise off of the CHL auction website, the CHLPA has turned their eyes and investigation on Linda Hunter, the wife of London Knights owners, Mark Hunter. Linda Hunters role in this massive sports memorabilia …

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In case you’re in the market for a “Parade-Worn” Mitch Marner Jersey, here’s a photo-match


  If you or your pals are in the market to purchase a London Knights, "Parade-Worn" Mitch Marner jersey, here's a photo-match just in case.  

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Advisory Bulletin: HHOF Chairman Partners With CHL/Hockey Canada Hours After Being Sued


CHLPA ADVISORY BULLETIN 48 hours after a lawsuit has been filed against the London Knights, The CHL and the Hockey Hall of Fame, Bill Hay, former NHL player and Calgary Flames COO and now current Hockey Hall of Fame chairman has partnered with Hockey Canada and the CHL to try …

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Hockey Canada and the CHL are working on another scam. Stay away from it.


Hockey Canada and the CHL are partnering up once again to scam Canadians with another hockey scheme. Between this scam and the Athabasca University BHI (Business of Hockey Institute) scam, Hockey Canada and the CHL continue to try and rip off Canadian Hockey families. These hockey organizations who have just …

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More Fake CHL Merchandise -Windsor Spitfires Sells Fake MC Taylor Hall Jersey.


Another Canadian Hockey League team is being accused of selling fraudulent merchandise. When Barry Rosen purchased a Taylor Hall jersey from the Windsor Spitfires he was told he was receiving a gameworn Memorial Cup jersey. Guess what? It's a fake. "Ask me about the time the Spits sold me a …

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