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CHL Players Win Landmark Court Ruling in Alberta. Judge agrees Players Fear Reprisal.


Players in the Canadian Hockey League have won a landmark decision in the first legal round of their class action lawsuit against the CHL. In a hearing heard in Alberta court on November 7th, 2016, in front of Honourable Justice, RJ Hall, the players of the Canadian Hockey League are …

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Former CHL player arrested in Meth Ring. Last week a player was shot in prison. CHL still has no exit strategy


  Former WHL player arrested in massive meth ring. Last week former QMJHL player was shot in prison. Still no exit strategy for Canadian Hockey League players. Use them up like an old piece of fruit and toss them away, unless of course yu get drafted to the NHL then …

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Trevor Whiffen sells fake memorabilia to sports fans. This is not a man you want to be supporting Boycott PrimeTime


  Listen up all you sport management students, don't be fooled. This PrimeTime Sports Management conference you're paying a years worth of tuition to go to is run by a man involved in two momental lawsuits. Is that really someone you aspire to become?   No, it isn't. #BOYCOTT #PRIMETIME …

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Bob Nicholson’s Penticton BC sees second fraud arrest in minor hockey-Referee-in-Chief Arrested.


Bob Nicholson's Penticton and their minor hockey association is once again in the news for fraud

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If you received this email we strongly urge you to disregard it and save your money.


From: Trevor S. Whiffen <> Date: Monday, 17 October 2016 Subject: 9th Annual PrimeTime Sports Management Conference - November 13-15, 2016 - Westin Harbour Castle Hotel - Toronto To: Good evening. I am pleased to confirm that the 9th Annual PrimeTime Sports Management Conference is scheduled for November 13-15, 2016, …

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Oilers Hiring Gretzky: A Power Move Protecting Bob Nicholson During Fraud Investigations


  The Edmonton Oilers are making power moves at the eleventh hour to try to surround Hockey's crime boss, Bob Nicholson while he is under investigation for all kinds of nonsense including fraud. The Oilers went ahead and offered Wayne Gretzky a position with the team. Not just any position …

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Former NHL player developed as a fighter by the CHL gets shot in prison.


Former NHL enforcer shot in Canadian prison

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If you believe the Canadian Hockey League is the best route to the NHL ask Auston Matthews


  If you believe that the Canadian Hockey League is the best route to the NHL -Ask Auston Matthews

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If not for tax dollars the WHL stole from Saskatchewan there wouldn’t be a rink crises.


  Years of tax dollars withheld by the WHL the province suffers from lack of funding for decent hockey rinks.

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Hockey Canada’s Accepts Just About Anybody. Hockey Coach Arrested for Child Porn

Hockey Canada accepts just about anybody. Hockey coach arrested for child porn.

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