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The Economic Impact Hockey Has On Your Community.


. Click here to read a Letter to the Editor written by a Kootenay Ice hockey fan. He discusses the economic impact that the WHL team has on the community. Below is my response to his letter. It's important that Canadians are not being mislead any longer into believing that …

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OHL Team Cries Poor Costing Guelph Tax Payers $5 Million With New Lease Agreement


  Another OHL team owner cries poor costing Guelph taxpayers $5 million after new lease agreement is negotiated between the city and team.

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Former OHL Spitfire Sued for $3.95Million Over Washroom Rape Allegations.


  Click here to read the Toronto Sun article about a former OHL Windsor Spitfire hockey player being sued for allegedly raping a young woman.

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Our thoughts are with Andrew Kerr, former Wenatchee Wild hockey player.


    Click here to read the full article on former Wenatchee Wild hockey players seriously injured from a swimming accident. Click Here to Visit Andrew's GoFundMe Page

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Buffalo Sabres Evander Kane Arrested For Harassment Stemming From a Bar Incident


  Click here to read the CBC story on Evander Kane. Shouldn't take too long before the NHL steps in and tries to sweep this under the rug. I have a suspicion that Buffalo Police May not be as lenient with an NHL player this time around

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OHA Deal in place with OJHL is Unconstitutional.


  More and more Canadians involved with hockey are calling out Hockey Canada and their member organizations on their behaviour and questionable business practices. The OHL says they have an exclusive deal in place with the OJHL. A deal which is unconstitutional but a deal non the less. This is …

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Class Action: Hockey Newfoundland, Hockey Canada & IIHF Fail To Adhere To Bylaws


  A class action lawsuit is being discussed against Hockey Newfoundland President Jack Lee, Hockey Newfoundland, Hockey Canada and the IIHF for their failure to adhere to their own bylaws. A group discussed the possibilities of a class action lawsuit against the hockey organizations during a conference call on Thursday …

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Female Hockey Player Threatened With Rape. Hockey Alberta Won’t Comment On Discipline Taken


  A female hockey player was threatened with rape during a hockey game and Hockey Alberta refuses to comment on disciplinary actions that were taken, once again Hockey Canada tries to keep this type of conduct out of the public spotlight so not to tarnish hockey's image in Canada which …

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Bob Nicholson Swindles $600,000 from Windsor and London Tax Payers to bid on WJC


    IIHF Vice President Bob Nicholson swindle $600,000 from Windsor and London tax payers to bid to host WJC. What's David Branch's cut of that money?

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Paid For By Hockey Canada


  Did you notice the fine print underneath the title of "Premium Breakdown Chart"? They broke it all down in cute little puck formations above explaining absolutely nothing about how Hockey Canada's Insurance scheme works. But they know you understand pucks so they made sure to put lots of pucks …

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