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QMJHL Commissioner complains about Drastic drop of QMJHL players at NHL Draft


  It's perhaps a good thing that Gilles Courteau was not  inside the First Niagara Center Saturday as it would've have been probably difficult to hide his emotions with the results of the NHL draft.  THE CANADIAN PRESS Twenty-four hours after the NHL draft the Commissioner of the Quebec Major …

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As long as footballs continue to be under-inflated the NFL has no time to address domestic violence


Read the full Bleacher Report article here on how the NFL refuses to fix the problem of domestic violence

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QMJHL Player Falls 100 Meters Over A Cliff On Signal Hill, Newfoundland


  Click here to read the full CBC article on Andrew Picco, the QMJHL player who fell over a cliff on Signal Hill, Newfoundland. We're happy he's doing ok.

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CHLPA offers information to help NHL Predators owner’s legal team suing for $250 million


  Click here to read Nashville Business Journal article titled "Judge halts NHL arbitration hearing in Predators Lawsuit

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French Only Hockey Quebec Discriminates and Discourages Kids From Playing Hockey


  Click here and visit Hockey Quebec's all French no English website, discriminating and discouraging English kids from joining hockey.

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NHL fears litigation which is why they keep enforcers out of Hockey Hall of Fame


  Click here to read Toronto Star article seeking to honour NHL enforcers into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The NHL fear litigation if they were to honour or award league "enforcers" as it would suggest that the NHL endorses fighting (even though we all know that they do)

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CHLPA launches membership drive giving Hockey Canada members new options.


CHLPA Canadian Hockey Leagues' Players' Association Action Bulletin: C-0625 RE: CHLPA Membership Drive offering all Canadians and current Hockey Canada members another membership option. At the completion of the 2016/17 season the CHLPA will launch a membership drive allowing hockey organizations to explore new choices that will provide current Hockey …

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Sportsnet & Neate Sager doing their part to conspire with & help the CHL break the law


  Click here to read Rogers Sportsnet article titled "Why it’s time to change the CHL-NHL agreement" -Sportnet knows that the CHL-NHL agreement is an illegal agreement which violates anti-trust laws and the Sherman Act yet Sportsnet prefers to put up a smoke screen to avoid telling the public the …

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Did you know 33% of Quebec players in todays NHL Draft Were Developed by @HockeyLHPS


  Did you know that 33% of all Quebec hockey players in this years NHL draft were developed by @HockeyLHPS. Ligue de Hockey Preparatoire Scolaire ... You can visit their website here. Although @HockeyLHPS continues to be on the receiving end of abuse of dominance from Hockey Canada; Hockey Quebec …

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Fan finds TB Lightning’s NHL draft strategy in hotel lobby, posts to Twitter


  click here to read how a Buffalo Sabres fan found the TB Lightening Draft Strategy and posted it to Twitter

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