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Welcome to the CHLPA Home Page

Request for Stanley Cup for Junior hockey and Education

To The Stanley Cup Trustees Mr Brian O'Neill and Mr. Ian "Scotty" Morrison Good day Sirs. My name is Glenn Gumbley. I am writing to you today on behalf of an organization called the CHLPA. I would like to make a simple request and suggest that, in the event that …

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CHLPA Stanley Cup Annoucement

The CHLPA is excited to announce that we have applied to the Stanley Cup Trustees to consider that in the event the NHL 2012/13 season does not begin that they allow for the CHL to compete for the Stanley Cup or possibly an International Junior Championship where all Junior hockey …

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Statement from Georges Laraque

I got involved with the CHLPA with the fundamental objective of helping young hockey players realize their hockey career while furthering their education. That objective still holds true today. During my two months with the association, I came to realize that the task at hand (the collective force or union) …

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CHLPA Media Statement

The CHLPA categorically denies that Randy Gumbley has any official position with the CHLPA. It has been brought to our attention that the CHL hired a private investigator to find out who the union's supporters are. Under Canadian Labour Law policy, the employer is NOT entitled to know which players …

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Media Coverage Update #2

It's been another busy week for the CHLPA and its time for a recap of some of the news stories causing a buzz.   - Georges Laraque conducted an interview with Edmonton's Team1260 radio on the The Jason Gregor Show. He discussed the very important issue of education and explains …

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Media Coverage Update

There has been lots of news coverage over the past few weeks about the CHLPA and we have gathered a selection of links and quotes below.   "Georges Laraque leaves his TVA Sports show when forced to make a choice between TV and CHLPA 'It's a no brainer'" - Link …

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Official CHLPA Press Release August 17, 2012

On August 9th, 2012, in Montreal, Quebec, the CHLPA (Canadian Hockey League Players Association) was officially formed. An official constitution was adopted and accepted by the players of the CHL/QMJHL, OHL, and the WHL. The PA then proceeded to elect its board members, and form their very first bargaining committee. …

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