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Deceased Enforcer Reached Out to CHL David Branch For Help “Basically Told To Beat It.”


Deceased Enforcer Reached Out to CHL David Branch For Help “Basically Told To Beat It.” 




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Sat 03-05, 6:55 AM
Name: Ryan Crowther
Field2: Dear Glenn, I just read your Writing on Rob Frid and David Branch keeping his head in the sand I to an in the same situation as Rob. As a former enforcer I am now left unable to work from my great job as a lineman apprentice and on disability. I don’t see things getting better and either do my doctors. I have been in contact with Rob many times and I am very proud of his bravery for coming forward and telling his story. As he is is speaking for many of us. What us players need is a support group or something like that where we can talk about what we are going through. I don’t know how to organize it. But I think it would be good. I was in contact with Mr Branch even before this story came out and he did get back to me. All he said was that it would be impossible to set up anything like that do to player privacy reasons and basically told me to beat it. Thad how it goes I guess.

I came across this one particular email today from former CHL enforcer Ryan Crowther who contacted me several times this year in the hopes of fixing the culture of hockey. Unfortunately Ryan is no longer with us after he suddenly passed away earlier this month.

David Branch has threatened legal action against Glenn Gumbley of the CHLPA. We will be sure to present all similar correspondence which we’ve received from former CHL players over the years..

This is just one of many emails from former CHL players who have come to us for help over the years because David Branch refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions (or lack there of) which have contributed to many suicides and deaths of former Canadian Hockey League players.

How David Branch can look himself in the mirror each day bewilders me.

Our hearts go out to Ryan’s family and children.