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Proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • WAIPU LOGOCreate a positive partnership with the CHL and Hockey Canada to grow the game and provide more opportunities to all Canadian players.
  • Create a CBA that will provide better working conditions for the players.
  • Create a strong brand and image for the CHLPA; one that every Canadian hockey player will aspire to be a part of.
  • Establish and manage a CHLPA education fund for the players with the players’ education as the main priority.
  • Establish a line of communication with which players can contact the union for support and assistance without fear of repercussion.
  • Abolish the 12–18 month time limit a player has to utilize the current scholarship packages offered by the three leagues, making them available for life with no time restrictions.
  • Allow players to utilize the education package for non-university schools, including trade schools.
  • Apply a $1.50 ticket surcharge to all tickets sold that would fund an expanded education program.
  • Establish a small business program that would fund entrepreneurial opportunities for former players.
  • Grant players personality rights revenue from CHL and Hockey Canada events.