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The latest news and updates from the CHLPA

Hockey Organizations Both In Canada & the U.S. Are Going All Out To Embarrass Themselves


  Hockey Organizations Both in Canada and the U.S. Are Going All Out To Show Us How Embarrassing And Incompetent They Truly Are

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UPDATE: CHLPA Annual General Meeting Day 2

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CHL Class Action Lawsuit Certification Has NHLPA Stopping Agents From Contacting Players Under 16


  CHL Class Action Lawsuit Certification Has NHL Stopping Player Agents From Contacting Kids Under 16 Years Old Or Their Family Members The NHLPA and the NHL are looking at how they’re going to move forward now that their feeder system, the Canadian Hockey League is in a deep mess and it looks more and […]

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CHLPA Annual General Meeting

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CHL Cries Poor, Cannot Afford Min. Wage But Still Asks Communities To Pay For & Build $100Million Arenas for Teams

Patricia Jackson, lawyer for the CHL argued today in court that if the CHL teams are forced to pay minimum wage to their players that it MAY go bankrupt or cease to exist. It’s clear that Patricia Jackson has not communicated with Ron Robison, Commissioner of the WHL. Contrary to Jacksons statements in court, the […]

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