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Would you trust your 16 year old child with this CHL team owner?

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The Question Is, was he using Edmonton Oilers money or, Edmonton Oil Kings?

    Is this really the kind of man you want to trust your 16 year old child with? I think not.

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Most Of Top Rated Talent In OHL Draft Has Already Declared They’re Going To College Instead

  Interesting that most of the top rated talent in the draft has already declared they will be heading to college. But will be equally interesting to see which of them end up with the London Knights. The GM, Simpson, says you can’t go wrong when you pick the best available player. Must be nice […]

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The Fear of Reprisal In Hockey Knows No Boundaries. (CAUTION: This Might Make You Sick)

If you believe for one second that 16-20 year old players in the CHL don’t fear the wrath or reprisal from ownership in speaking out against league policy or minimum wage fights, you have to look no further than at the culture of hockey at the highest level, the National Hockey League. When Gary Bettman […]

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U.S. Senators Write letters of concern to USAHockey about Womens National Team

  U.S. Senator write letters of concern to USAHockey about Women’s National Team

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