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CHLPA Workshop Update



The CHLPA’s first player forum concluded in Montreal Sunday afternoon after the two and a half day workshop which involved more than 30 players from all across Canada and from various teams.

The mission of the forum was to gather information from the players to start the framework of a collective bargaining agreement that will be presented to the league and it’s member teams in the coming months.

The gathering of players and listening to their personal stories, both positive stories and other areas where there could be some much need improvement were shared.

In preparing these lists of demands, it’s apparent that there is some much needed work to be done. Especially around the areas of;

**Players Health and Safety. **Dental. **Travel Arrangements.

One of the areas that drew a lot of concern was players’ ability to be reimbursed for their expenses. Numerous complaints surfaced about the procedures they were required to follow and the inadequate time that it took for the teams to reimburse them.

Moreover, one player mentioned that it’s a reimbursement package. If we’re not able to work, where do we get the initial money to get reimbursed from?. It comes from our parents.”

Also called into question was the capability of teams implementing fines on players in order to stop paying the expenses.

One other area of concern was equipment. There seems to be a huge preferential treatment and no policy by leagues or teams with regards to who gets what for equipment. Some players have to beg while others it’s just a given.

Another area of major concern which has now come to light is the education aspect. It appears that the majority of these players are at best taking part time online correspondence courses. As one player said it he’s “living the dream.”

So in conclusion, after the weekend workshop in preparing for the Canadian Labour Congress’ annual convention in Toronto, Monday May 8, – Friday May 12, the CHLPA now has a full list of improvements as well as a working document that will look after the best interest of the membership while growing the CHLPA brand.

This much needed dialogue that has created the much needed awareness for the protection and rights for the entire membership.

We’d like to thank all who was in attendance for their input and support.

We will provide our membership with an update after the CLC convention and have a formal date by May 20th for the first AGM of the CHLPA.