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CHL Class Action Lawsuit Certification Has NHLPA Stopping Agents From Contacting Players Under 16



CHL Class Action Lawsuit Certification Has NHL Stopping Player Agents From Contacting Kids Under 16 Years Old Or Their Family Members

The NHLPA and the NHL are looking at how they’re going to move forward now that their feeder system, the Canadian Hockey League is in a deep mess and it looks more and more likely that the $180 Million lawsuit against them is going to be certified.

Certification of this lawsuit puts the hockey world in a precarious situation.

If the CHL is forced by the courts to begin paying minimum wage to their players then that would mean that player agents will be able to begin negotiating top dollars for their top players. It opens up a whole new market, both for player agents and for players themselves.

Now that the NHLPA has gotten involved and stuck their noses into the Major Junior hockey crises, we have to ask if the NHLPA is also trying to prevent the young players under 16 from being properly advised of the details within a CHL Standard Player Agreement.

So it comes as no surprise that the NHL and NHLPA are now scrambling to try and figure things out about how to deal with the avalanche of problems that their feeder league is currently facing.

All this shows the collusion and collaboration taking place amongst the different hockey organizations working in concert, who are so desperately trying to keep things status quo but seem to be failing miserably at it.

It’s funny that the NHLPA never had an issue with their certified player agents approaching families and kids who are not even in high school yet, until today when it became clear that the $187 Million class action lawsuit filed against the Canadian Hockey League for violating minimum wage laws will likely be certified.