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BREAKING NEWS: CHLPA / WAIPU Endorses USA Women’s Hockey Team and Program.


The CHLPA and WAIPU, proudly supports and would like to pay tribute to the U.S. National Women’s team, to not only bring into light wage disparency between men and women in the hockey programs, globally, but commend them on their ability to stand up and fight for what is right in the greedy world of hockey organizations.

The CHLPA knows first hand on what it takes for individuals and groups to stand up to their employers in the hockey community.

As Justice Hall in Alberta court said in his recent ruling, the fear of reprisal is genuine even after a hockey players career is finished.


The U.S.A Womens National Hockey Team showed a common bond and strength in standing up to the hockey cartel, which is not only U.S.A.Hockey but also the IIHF and the IOC.

These organizations scheme and manipulate hockey employees/entertainers into providing their talent for entertainment purposes for next to nothing so that the cartel can financially profit for their private business enterprises.

We commend the women for their courage who are fighting the good fight for the betterment of this generation and the generations that will follow in their footsteps.

The CHLPA has always said that in order to fight this fight you must create awareness. In this case, the Women’s National Team’s programs, both in Canada and the U.S. are discriminated against by gender. While World Championship men’s teams participate in IIHF events annually. The budget for the men’s program is estimated to be 80% more than the women’s programs. These programs are paid for by the national governing bodies such as; Hockey Canada and USA Hockey.

While these organizations pick up the tab for high-priced NHL talent to participate in representing their country in National Championships, the women’s team struggle not only to gain recognition but to also get requirements for personal training subsidies.

One could only assume that millions of dollars annually are spent on insurance coverage, security and per diems, not only for players but for their family member for NHL players, that inflate the budgets for the National organizing bodies of both countries.

The money that is allocated to these national programs should be equally dispersed. The women’s program has a right to fair and equal salaries and allowances.

The CHLPA and WAIPU which also represents the women’s Swiss team, strongly recommends that women’s National programs globally boycott this Women’s World Championship event in solidarity with the women of U.S. National Team.

The CHLPA and WAIPU would welcome the U.S. and Canadian National teams under the umbrella of WAIPU and the CHLPA.

There is strength in numbers.

Given the fight that the CHLPA has commenced on behalf of CHL hockey players staring in 2012 it is clear that the hockey community and establishments are on the verge of being exposed after decades of hidden agenda’s, financial responsibilities and a scheme to try and circumvent employment standards acts. But also to restrict trade and player movement.

The very system that is funded by the Federal Governments, both in Canada and the U.S. on the surface appears to be as corrupt as Bernie Madhoff.

But then again, what does the CHLPA know??? Perhaps we can think of a few differences that we’ve made in allowing the hockey community and the media (and you know who YOU are) to start acknowledging what we’ve been saying all along.

  • We have only successfully advised to launch a class action lawsuit for CHL players for minimum wage rights.
  • We have only managed to change the education package that the CHL had discriminated upon CHL import players.
  • We have encouraged an entry and exit strategy for players in the CHL.
  • We have encouraged mental health awareness.
  • We have exposed corrupt side deals with teams.
  • We have exposed CHL teams doctoring players contracts in attempts to avoid paying out education packages to players.
  • We have exposed the auctioning of fraudulent CHL merchandise.
  • We have placed an enormous amount of pressure on the hockey establishment for them to understand that they had to start the process of eliminating fighting from the game at the Major Junior level where men in their 20’s are fighting minors.
  • We have exposed court rulings proving that CHL players are employees and should be treated as such.
  • We have exposed the CHL’s blatant disregard for the law when it comes to employment standards and the Sherman Act.
  • We have exposed that the CHL enters foreign players into the country on work visa’s.
  • We have exposed that CHL players receive T4 slips and records of employment for their services as employees of their respective hockey teams.
  • We have exposed Hockey Canada’s collusion with the CHL and take great pride in witnessing the Changing Of The Guard during this period of time when the President and CEO of Hockey Canada, Bob Nicholson resigned. VP of Hockey Canada, Brad Pascall resigned, Dave Ogrean of U.S.A. Hockey resigned, Ron DeGregorio of U.S.A Hockey resigned, Tom Renney of Hockey Canada resigned as President.
  • Over a dozen CHL teams have been sold or are looking to sell.
  • Investigations into CHL hockey teams by Labor and Industries causing the league and teams to lobby elected officials asking them to amend the labour code specifically for them.
  • We have exposed that the CHL’s Commissioners have been lobbying cities asking them to build new arenas for them, promising 20 year lease agreements, but at the same time the Commissioners themselves swore in affidavits under oath that the majority of their leagues teams would fold once the class action lawsuit filed against them for minimum wage violations is certified. And now…
  • We are seeing the Premiere of BC, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are under investigation by the RCMP shortly after she quietly helped the WHL with their request to amend the labour code specifically for them. We now know that every WHL team in BC donated to her party, to the combined tune of $100’s of thousands of dollars.

These are just some of the things that the CHLPA knows nothing about. We have a much larger list compiled about other things we know nothing about but we’ll save all that for another day.

If we were to advise the U.S.A Women’s National Team Counsel, John B Langel of Ballard Spahr Law firm, who represents the Women’s Hockey National Team, we would tell them to;

  • stand strong;
  • request the audited financial statements for USA Hockey;
  • gather support from other women’s ice hockey federations;
  • look into the VISA applications for entry into the U.S. prior to the Women’s World Championships to see if the proper paperwork has been filed prior to teams entering the U.S. from other countries;
  • upon receiving the audited financial statements, enquire into gender discrimination for payment compared to what the mens National Team receives including;
  • the discrepancy between travel, insurance, per diems, accommodations, training and equipment, and over all budget.
  • application to the Ninth Circuit Court would make for an interesting case.
  • A public awareness campaign notifying all sponsors of USA Hockey, IIHF and the IOC for the above mentioned grievances. Finally and most importantly.
  • An application to Associate or Unionize under the umbrella of the CHLPA / WAIPU would greatly enhance not only exposure and the awareness campaign but the legal remedies that must be sought out in order to achieve the end goal of equality for women’s hockey.

But then again, like we mentioned earlier. We’re just the CHLPA, what do we know???