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Monthly Archives: November 2016

GSP set to unionize MMA fighters putting an end to the exploitative practices of UFC

Great news for MMA fighters. Georges St-Pierre is gearing up to unionize UFC fighters putting an end to the exploitative practices of the UFC . The CHLPA fully supports GSP and wish him much success in protecting the rights of MMA fighters around the world. Numerous sports organizations which profit billions of dollars off of […]

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WHL Commissioner Ron Robison issues cease & desist order to CHLPA Glenn Gumbley

The CHLPA strongly encourages the WHL’s commissioner Ron Robison to take legal action so that we may have our day in court. We’re going to have a field day putting Robison, Branch and Courteau on the stand in a court of law exposing them for the pure bullshitters which they are. These hollow threats are […]

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David Branch threatens Glenn Gumbley with legal action. We say -Bring It On!

CHL President and OHL commissioner, David Branch has issued threats of legal action aimed at the founder of the CHLPA, Glenn Gumbley. We strongly encourage Mr Branch to follow through with his hollow threats so that he can be placed on the stand in a court of law and be exposed for the fraud and […]

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HOME The CHLPA Officially Becomes A Member Of WAIPU The World Association Of IceHockey Players’ Unions

WAIPU The World Association of IceHockey Players’ Unions Is proud to announce the acceptance of the CHLPA Canadian Hockey Leagues’ Players’ Association as one of it’s members. WAIPU was founded on the fourth of December, 2007 and is the world wide representative organization for all professional ice hockey players. WAIPU currently has members in the […]

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QMJHL Commissioner losing patience with CHLPA

Out of patience with what she sees as a defamation campaign led by a union supporter in junior hockey, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) put Glenn Gumbley in notice. She gives him 10 days to wipe out “defamatory allegations” and apologize, which Mr. Gumbley has no intention of doing. Glenn Gumbley … (PHOTO […]

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