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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Bauer PSG gets 60 day extension from creditors to comply with its loan covenants.

Cash-strapped Bauer Performance Sports Group gets a 60 day extension from creditors. But will it be enough?

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Don Cherry & The Man Who Said The Earth Is Flat Have One Thing In Common.

Don Cherry might want to keep in mind that at one time in history there was a guy who claimed that the world was flat and he was praised by millions as well. There are many examples I can use of people throughout history who were admired by millions during their era, however, when we […]

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Hockey Quebec Hires New Director General Mr Paul Menard

Hockey Quebec announced today that they have found a replacement for former President, Sylvain Lalonde who resigned a few weeks ago to take a position with the RLSQ Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec, which is the very organization who can amend existing labour laws pertaining to athletes in Quebec. Paul Menard will take on the […]

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London Knights Scold Trevor Whiffen Refusing To Let Him Handle His Fraudulent Jersey Ordeal

The London Knights have scolded Trevor Whiffen and his rooster hairdo, refusing to allow him to handle the fraudulent jersey sales they are being sued for. Trevor Whiffen was scolded and made to stand in the corner with gum on his nose while the London Knights has now placed team GM, Rob Simpson in charge […]

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Don Cherry Publicly Attacks Colin Kaepernick For His National Anthem Stance

  Don Cherry took to social media to express his dinosaur opinion about how athletes behave when approaching the end of their career. Mr Cherry decided he should put his 2 cents into the Colin Kaepernick / Star Spangled Banner controversy by placing blame on Kaepernick for taking a stand. Here’s what the old Geezer […]

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