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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Turmoil amongst QMJHL Executives. Governors are Boycotting the Draft

    At the time of this writing, the governor had not returned the call of But he was allowed to learn it as a gesture of protest to express his strong disagreement with some guidelines adopted at the last meeting held in Montreal. Just a week before the sitting, Jean Marcotte sent a […]

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“That’s not something we push at (NHL clubs), that’s what hockey people have collectively agreed to.”

  David Branch’s lawyers must lick their chops every time he speaks. Because when David Branch speaks there’s a very good chance he will end up shooting himself in the moustache by saying something so outrageous that it will inevitably come back to haunt him and other hockey executives in the long run. You can […]

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David Branch, The Canadian Hockey League, The NHL and Racketeering

  Read the full article here: David Branch continues to thumb his noise at the legal system and says that no changes will be made to the CHL-NHL Agreement which violates the Sherman Act and important anti-trust laws.

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Hockey Calgary bans body checking in lower Midget divisions

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below Hockey Calgary bans body checking in lower Midget divisions

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Georges Laraque Says The Real Hero Is the Little Girls Father.

  Georges Laraque, who witnessed the attempted abduction of a girl in Jeanne Mance Park on Saturday in Montreal, revealed that the real hero was the father of the girl. “He was able to stop hitting the [accused]. He gave him a couple of shots and he put him on a chair and he fell,” […]

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