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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Just a few examples of how men are systematically oppressed.

Here’s a few ways in which men are systematically oppressed: Abuse Support Addiction Campus Culture Capital Punishment Censorship and policing via social media Child Support Circumcision. Combat Duty Custody Battles Dating Divorce Domestic Violence Draft. Education Emotional expression Father’s Rights Feminisation of workspaces Harsher and longer sentences for crimes Homelessness Lack of emotional support Lifespan […]

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Toronto Star Rosie Di Manno Italian/Canadian Shares Her Ignorant Opinions About First Nations

  The Toronto Star sports writer, Rosie Di Manno might’ve had too much of her ancestors red wine when she decided to write her outrageously ignorant piece about First Nations sports logos. I’m not going to start quoting the nonsense she wrote about simply because it’s so ignorant that I can’t bring myself to copy […]

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How Can A Person Of Sound Mind Respect People Like David Branch When there are Rob Frid’s In The World

  The CHLPA continues to talk with former Canadian Hockey League players who feel betrayed by David Branch and the Canadian Hockey League. Many players left without education while others suffer from severe migraines and double vision. Most players have mixed emotions about speaking about their problems. A common reason is because they don’t want […]

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Less Concussions in Sports Requires The Media To Shame Execs, Not Respect Them

  I watched a CBC interview of Gilles Courteau yesterday and the QMJHL commissioner was asked a few questions about fighting in the league. When he was asked how long it will take before we see the end of fighting in hockey, you can see in the video the amount of time he took to […]

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Hockey Canada Partnering With Bob Nicholson In Another Hockey Money Making Scheme. Enough’s Enough.

Sent Items > Message Detail  Print Next Subject: Hockey Canada Partnership with Bob Nicholson hockey academy. From: <> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Sun, Feb 28, 2016 1:15 am To: “Tom Renney” <> Mr Renney,   I write to you today to express deep concern for your decision to partner with Bob Nicholson on a hockey […]

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