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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Lots of Talk of OHL Team Relocating to Chatham Ontario

There has been lots of talk surrounding the possible relocation of the Erie Otters to the Chatham Ontario region lately but the CHLPA has a hunch that the only team that will be relocating anytime soon will be the Saginaw Spirit Organization and for reasons that don’t  need to be explained. Although we may be […]

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Shameful Fans Ruin The Game For Everyone

It’s playoff time in the CHL which means we’ll be treated to exciting games, amazing goals and impossible saves. What won’t be a treat is the behaviour of a few “fans” who think “broom” gestures and taunting players is a great way to spend a Saturday night.   What they may not realize is that […]

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NCAA vs CHL… Players Stand to Lose the Most

Since its founding in 2012, the CHLPA has had at its heart the idea that all CHL hockey players should have fair and easy access to their education package and should be eligible for NCAA play. Our fight has not been an easy one, and in the early days of our movement we stood alone, […]

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Fear of Reprisal Against Windsor Spitfires Goaltender, Dalen Kuchmey

Mr. Branch,   No doubt you have heard of the incident concerning the Windsor Spitfires goaltender Dalen Kuchmey and his refusal to suffer further humiliation at the hands of his coach after he let him hang out to dry for 8 goals during last Tuesday nights game.   Although the CHLPA would never advise a player […]

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Another CHL Player Denied His Education Package

Mr Nicholson, Please be aware that the CHLPA has received yet another complaint from a CHL player concerning access to their education package. The player in question has provided us with his contract and it clearly outline the benefits he is to receive including financial guarantees. This contract has been fully executed by the GM […]

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