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CHLPA Media Statement

The CHLPA categorically denies that Randy Gumbley has any official position with the CHLPA.

It has been brought to our attention that the CHL hired a private investigator to find out who the union’s supporters are. Under Canadian Labour Law policy, the employer is NOT entitled to know which players have applied for membership in the union–membership evidence is confidential as between the union and the relevant labour relations board. It’s convenient that this topic has been brought up 2 days before a certification is to take place in Cape Breton.

The CHLPA’s lawyers are reviewing the CHL’s and WHL’s involvement to determine which legal proceedings should be taken. This includes defamation and unfair labour practice complaints for unlawful interference in the formation and administration of a trade union.

This issue is more than a smokescreen it’s a high-handed union busting tactic to undermine the union in the eyes of the players. It’s outrageous!

This will be the last statement from the CHLPA regarding this topic. The CHLPA is going to focus its resources and energy on organizing in the certification applications already before the various labour boards.