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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Letter To The CHL Board Of Governors

To the owners and the Board of Governors of the CHL: The CHLPA is extremely disappointed in the way that Mr. Branch has conducted himself as representing the CHL during this on going union drive. The CHLPA from it’s inception had emphasized that the main priority was to improve the players education packages and options. […]

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CHLPA responds to Don Cherry attack on the organization

CHLPA responds to Don Cherry’s comments about union drive. Don Cherry is our National hero and we have nothing but praise for him and his commitment to hockey. His understanding of the game is 2nd to none and we respect most everything the he stands for. We would like to correct Mr. Cherry on a […]

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Request for Stanley Cup for Junior hockey and Education

To The Stanley Cup Trustees Mr Brian O’Neill and Mr. Ian “Scotty” Morrison Good day Sirs. My name is Glenn Gumbley. I am writing to you today on behalf of an organization called the CHLPA. I would like to make a simple request and suggest that, in the event that the NHL continues it’s lockout […]

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CHLPA Stanley Cup Annoucement

The CHLPA is excited to announce that we have applied to the Stanley Cup Trustees to consider that in the event the NHL 2012/13 season does not begin that they allow for the CHL to compete for the Stanley Cup or possibly an International Junior Championship where all Junior hockey teams from Canada, U.S. and […]

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Statement from Georges Laraque

I got involved with the CHLPA with the fundamental objective of helping young hockey players realize their hockey career while furthering their education. That objective still holds true today. During my two months with the association, I came to realize that the task at hand (the collective force or union) was one that required people […]

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